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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Enhancing Your Workout, Maximizing Your Results

Elevate your fitness journey with EMS for increased strength, cardio performance, and holistic wellness.




What is EMS?

MK EMS Training programs comprise three core components: muscle development, cardio & endurance, and massage relaxation. Specialized training suits are worn during sessions to ensure electric impulses effectively target underlying muscles, stimulating and contracting over 90% of all muscle mass. In just a 20-minute session, you'll experience the transformative effects equivalent to those of a 2 and a half hour regular workout on your body.

Great Solution for Back Pain

MK EMS Training with Pilates Movements

Discover the synergy of MK EMS Training, seamlessly integrating Pilates movements for a workout that's not only efficient but also safe. Our program focuses on building strength in the muscle groups crucial for back support, simultaneously stimulating blood circulation. This unique approach triggers repair in areas that may be injured or worn out, making MK EMS Training an exceptional supplement for back pain therapeutics.

Benefits Beyond Back Pain​

The impact of MK EMS Training extends far beyond alleviating back pain. Embrace improved range of motion, enhanced posture, and targeted relief for conditions like scoliosis and slipped disks. Our program is designed to support post-surgery rehab, facilitating a smooth recovery process. As pain diminishes, witness a natural enhancement in posture and a gradual increase in overall physical strength. MK EMS Training is your holistic path to a pain-free and resilient body.

Fast Results for the Era of “Efficiency”

Time-Saving Fitness Transformations for the Modern Lifestyle

In today's fast-paced era, dedicating ample time to exercise is a luxury many cannot afford. Mothers, in particular, juggle time constraints and physical changes like weakened muscles, skin issues, weight fluctuations, and more. EMS training emerges as a solution, offering the advantage of saving time while ensuring an effective workout. With just two 20-minute sessions per week (45 minutes total, including suit application and post-session relaxation massages) for 3-5 weeks, noticeable transformations become achievable.

At MK Movement, we have a diverse client pool from all types of occupations and age groups including athletes, dancers, women who are or were recently pregnant, kids and teenagers (above 8), and seniors above 70 years old. Sessions are conducted while carefully considering all the different aspects of age, physical abilities, and goals.

For all Age Groups, Gender, Physical

Tailored EMS Training for All Ages and Genders

Our certified trainers at MK adapt the frequency and strength of EMS impulses, tailoring the experience to individuals' feedback and current physical conditions. With a wide range of clients spanning from 16 to 80 years old, including athletes, sports enthusiasts, and those pursuing general fitness, our expertise ensures personalized sessions. Regardless of age or gender, our focus on specific muscle groups aligns with each client's unique needs, surpassing the outcomes achievable through conventional training.

Experience Results Beyond Conventional Training


MK's EMS training transcends age and gender boundaries, unlocking a fitness journey customized to your unique requirements. Our certified trainers skillfully adjust the intensity of impulses, ensuring a tailored experience for individuals aged 16 to 80. Whether you're an athlete, sports enthusiast, or fitness seeker, our specialized approach, honed through diverse client experiences, guarantees exceptional results. Say goodbye to generic workouts and embrace a fitness regimen designed just for you.

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