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MK Movement Story


MK Movement Co. operating as MK STUDIO was founded in 2016. It was the first Pilates studio opened in the region, and since then has been offering Pilates to a wide range of people.

By introducing EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) training in 2021, MK Studio has stood as the Fitness Centre that provides professional exercises.


Pilates center


All of our instructors are not only fully certified and trained to meet teacher standards, but also have a passion for sharing their love and expertise with our clients. Our instructors constantly strive for a deeper level of understanding in their own field of specialties and have extensive practical experiences from a various range of clients.


Because we know that every client has a unique body and therefore different needs and abilities, we will carefully match each client to a trainer and fitness program according to the individual’s goals and physical situation for the most optimal results.

MK Movement About Us

“Certification on paper cannot define the true qualifications of the MK Crew”

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Pilates Instruction
Classic pilates

Efficiency is our key when building high-functioning workout programs with reasonable rates. We consider the client’s current and future workout goals and the various program options we have available in order to plan effective lessons.


“More isn’t always better”

Pilates Group Session

Our primary goal is not athletic training and body transformation—these are natural outcomes that result from the ongoing journey when we travel in the right direction.

The primary goal is to help clients achieve a better awareness of their bodies and to promote the healthier lifestyle that follows that awareness. We want clients to eventually be able to enjoy and continue the workouts they learn with us on their own. With a thorough understanding of the correct postures and necessary habits, our clients become capable of analyzing the reasons behind their daily discomfort, and often can begin to manage their own injuries.

Private pilates

“Pilates is more than a workout”



JH LEE / Physiotherapist / Eagle Ridge Hospital

“As a health care worker who works at high stressful hospital environment in last 15 years, I have been suffered with neck and shoulder stiffness and pain which causing by muscle imbalance and lack of flexibility."

Grace Yu / Chiropractor, RMT / Inbalance Wellness Care

“I've tried Pilates at MK studio with Min for a year and I've enjoyed my private Pilates classes.  She was a passionate instructor who was well trained and experienced in Pilates."

Sammy Oh / Naturopathic Doctor / BioScan Wellness Center

“I have suffered from scoliosis and degenerative disc disease for many years. I have worked with many medical professionals as well as Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage therapists, and Functional Training Instructors, with no positive results."

Sharon Jung / Nurse / Royal Columbian Hospital

“I used to have long-standing shoulder, neck and low back pain since the car accident. I tried multiple physio, acupuncture and RMT sessions for the pain but the effects were temporary. "

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