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Transform Your Health and Fitness in Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Langley

Experience the transformative power of Pilates as you sculpt your body and enhance your core strength with our expert instructors.

Embrace the fitness revolution with the power of Pilates.

At MK Movement Co., Pilates is not just an exercise; it's an elevated experience that transcends traditional fitness routines. Our unique approach sets us apart, combining years of teaching and practical expertise to redefine the Pilates journey. Discover a new dimension of movement with us.

Appropriate for all age, gender, physical abilities

Universal Fitness Customized for You

The sessions are carried out with a certified Pilates instructor to make sure your needs are catered to individually, no matter what age you are and how fit you are—we can promise you will accomplish your goals.

At MK Movement, we have a diverse client pool from all types of occupations and age groups including athletes, dancers, women who are or were recently pregnant, kids and teenagers (above 8), and seniors above 70 years old. Sessions are conducted while carefully considering all the different aspects of age, physical abilities, and goals.

Posture Improving Pilates

We focus on fixing the vicious cycle of unhealthy posture caused by lifestyle and occupation.

We help individuals build and strengthen the core muscles that are used to maintain good posture by supporting the torso, which also results in correct spine alignment. We train clients to be fully aware of their bodies and to move their limbs correctly.

Specialized program for correcting postures

  • Forward Head Posture ‘Text Neck’

  • Straight Neck Syndrome

  • Reverse Neck Curve

  • Sway Back/Hunchback

  • Flat Back

  • Repositioning of misaligned pelvis and lower back adjustment

  • Scoliosis less than 30 degrees

  • Round Shoulder

  • Bow Legs, Flat Feet, High arch with high arched feet (also known as cavus feet, a condition that causes frequent ankle sprains)

Booking Request

Class Preference

1 Session: $60.00

Youth Pilates Trial: $55.00

Trial Class

1 Session: $83.00

5 Package: $390.00

10 Package: $730.00

1:1 Private Lesson

1 Session: $55.00

5 Package: $250.00

10 Package: $450.00

2:1 Semi-Private

1 Session: $48.00

5 Package: $215.00

10 Package: $380.00

3:1 Group Class

1 Session: $45.00

5 Package: $200.00

10 Package: $350.00

4:1 Group Class

Priviate 1 Session: $75.00

Priviate 5 Session: $350.00

Priviate 10 Session: $650.00

Youth Pilates

Semi-Priviate 1 Session: $50.00

Semi-Priviate 5 Session: $225.00

Semi-Priviate 10 Session: $400.00

Youth Semi-Private Pilates (per person)

3:1 Group Class 10 Package: $350.00

4:1 Group Class 10 Package:  $300.00

Youth Group Pilates

Class Rate

The Transformative Power of Pilates: A Comprehensive Approach to Wellness

At our Studio, we address the detrimental impact of sedentary lifestyles and occupational strains on posture. Our focus lies in breaking the cycle of unhealthy posture by strengthening core muscles crucial for maintaining proper alignment and supporting the torso. Through personalized training, we empower individuals to develop body awareness and execute movements with precision.

  • Enhancing Posture, Rehabilitating Injuries, and Reducing Pain

  • Sculpting the Body and Shedding Pounds: Pilates' Role in Weight Loss

  • Elevating Athletic Performance: Pilates for Dancers, Golfers, and Elite Athletes

  • Specialized Programs for Milestone Events: A Tailored Approach

  • Pilates for Men: Bridging the Flexibility Gap

  • Empowering Seniors: Strengthening Body and Mind

  • Supporting Prenatal and Postnatal Health: Nurturing Mothers Through Change

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