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Suzie Kim

Pilates Instructor

Suzie embarked on her journey as a Pilates instructor in 2018, but her love affair with Pilates began nearly two decades ago. It was a pivotal moment when a car accident left her grappling with hip and back injuries. Despite seeking relief through various therapies, Suzie found only temporary respite until she discovered the transformative power of Pilates.

What started as a quest for pain relief evolved into a profound realization of Pilates' impact on her overall well-being. Not only did Pilates alleviate her physical discomfort, but it also strengthened her core and provided a newfound sense of body awareness. This profound personal transformation inspired Suzie to share her passion for Pilates with others.

As a Pilates instructor, Suzie is driven by a deep-seated belief in the accessibility and effectiveness of Pilates for people of all ages and backgrounds. She sees Pilates not just as a form of exercise but as a lifestyle that can be seamlessly integrated into daily activities. Beyond the studio walls, Suzie embraces an active lifestyle, indulging in activities like kickboxing and skiing to maintain her vitality and zest for life.

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