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Miki Um

Pilates Instructor

Miki is a certified Pilates instructor at MK MOVEMENT CO. and is currently studying for personal training certification.

She primarily started weight training for a healthier body and acquired the socially “beautiful” body from competing in fitness contests. Despite her physical appearance, she was experiencing discomfort from excessive exercising and eventually injured herself. At this time she realized that she did not have an adequate understanding of her own body. While preparing for to become certified as a personal trainer, she felt she needed to understand the body more deeply first, and started learning Pilates.


As she progressed in Pilates, she became more confident in its power not only to change her body physically but to change her daily life. She is now a certified Pilates instructor at MK MOVEMENT CO. and is on her way to becoming a certified personal trainer. She will continue to base her programs off of Pilates movements and research methods to exercise safely without injuries. Her goal is to integrate various types of exercises effectively and promote her clients’ mental and physical well-being.

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