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Karynne Lima, Pilates Instructor

Karynne Lima

Pilates Instructor

Karynne Lima brings a wealth of expertise to MK Movement, where she serves as both a Physiotherapist Assistant and Pilates Instructor. With a background in physiotherapy, Karynne is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment to patients, utilizing exercises, hands-on therapy, and specialized equipment to enhance mobility and alleviate pain. Her commitment to promoting self-care and preventing further injury is evident in her tailored approach to each client's needs, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care and support.

In her role as a Pilates Instructor, Karynne harnesses the transformative power of Pilates to empower individuals of all ages. Through personalized treatment plans and group classes, she aims to improve movement, reduce pain, and restore function. Karynne's passion for Pilates extends beyond the studio walls, as she actively engages with clients to understand their health concerns and develop appropriate exercise programs. With her dedication to promoting physical wellness and enhancing quality of life, Karynne plays a vital role in guiding clients on their journey towards optimal health and vitality at MK Movement.

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