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Ivy Paik

Pilates Instructor

Ivy went to secondary institution that specialized their curriculum on fine & performing arts and majored in Ballet for her post-secondary years. Having completed many of the acknowledged Ballet methods, She is a STOTT PILATES instructor, certified Pilates instructor by MK MOVEMENT CO, and also a certified Total Barre and EMS trainer.

Ever since Ivy was 6 years old, She was trained to be a professional ballerina and proceeded to performing arts school and to major in dance for her university years. After graduating from university, She went through classes at Boris Eifman Ballet academy and also completed courses for Vaganova and Rad ballet methodologies to study the different Ballet methods in detail.

However, from long years of excessive practicing and improper movements, She experienced back injuries and had to halt her dance career. Then She went through pregnancy and She experienced more severe pain as one of her post-natal symptoms. While She was going through treatments and rehabilitation, She came across Pilates methodology and was able to research on the relevance between her dancing and body movements to her pain symptoms. After successful rehabilitation she was well enough to be a professional dancer again and is currently the vice-captain of the Charm Dance Company. From then on, she completed STOTT PILATES course, certified in MK MOVEMENT CO. Pilates instructor courses, Total Barre training program using Barre, and EMS trainer courses.

As a certified EMS trainer, she added contemporary EMS training method theory and is offering: EMS Ballet, Barre walkout, standing Ballet Pilates, professional stretching exercises according to the clients’ flexibility level, Classic Ballet for youth, exercising programs specialized for dancers to avoid injuries and for dance conditioning.

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