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MK Movement Co. | Leading Pilates Studio Serving Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Langley

Your Ultimate Destination for Fitness and Wellness

The trial lesson offers a studio tour, equipment introduction, and fitness assessment. Receive feedback on posture, flexibility, strength, and past injuries. Discuss goals and receive personalized workout plans. Our instructor will discuss the client’s short and long term goals and exchange feedback on their results in order to build an individualized workout plan.

Pilates Trial Sessions

For optimal goal achievement, the training program aligns with your physical assessments and personalized goals. Private training is ideal for post-injury rehabilitation, chronic conditions like slipped disk and scoliosis, and orthopedic concerns.

Private Session (1-on-1)

Semi-private classes provide personalized instruction and peer support, ideal for those motivated by partners. Bring family or friends for added encouragement. Cost-effective compared to private lessons, making it perfect for group sessions.

Semi-Private Class (2 persons)

To join a group session, you must first complete three trial private lessons and consult with our instructor. Group classes accommodate up to four individuals, based on physical ability. Tailored for those without severe pain from injuries or orthopedic issues, our small group sessions offer personalized programs suited to your fitness level, occupation, age, and lifestyle.

Group Classes (3-4 persons)

If you wish for your group to be exclusively comprised of friends and family members, we are dedicated to arranging a class schedule that aligns perfectly with your group's availability and preferences. Our private group classes are designed to cater to your needs, accommodating up to 4 individuals in equipment-based sessions.

Private Group Classes (3-4 persons)

Introduce your kids to the world of Pilates! Our Kids Pilates classes offer a fun and engaging way for children to improve flexibility, strength, and posture. Led by experienced instructors, these classes are tailored to suit children's needs and abilities, promoting overall physical and mental well-being in a supportive environment. Join us and watch your child thrive!

Youth Pilates

Our Pilates Class

For anyone that would like to experience the available programs and classes, we offer trial sessions, and various learning environment options with private, semi-private and group classes.

Indulge in the pinnacle of fitness and wellness at MK Movement Co. Immerse yourself in premier facilities across Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Langley, where we specialize in top-tier Pilates and advanced EMS training to elevate your fitness journey.

MK Movement Co. | Leading Pilates Studio Serving Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Langley
MK Movement Co. | Leading Pilates Studio Serving Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Langley