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Mina Lee

Pilates Instructor / EMS Trainer [Kor]

Mina Lee, a versatile fitness expert, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her role as a Pilates instructor at MK Movement Co. With a background in Leisure and Sport Science, she has enjoyed a dynamic career as a dance instructor, personal trainer, and certified yoga/trampoline instructor. Mina's journey in the fitness world has been marked by a strong commitment to providing a comprehensive exercise environment for her clients.

For a decade, she successfully owned and operated her own fitness center, collaborating with professionals from various related fields to offer a wide array of fitness classes. Her dedication to staying at the forefront of Sport Science innovation led her to the profound effectiveness of Pilates in enhancing physical balance and energy.

Recognizing the potential of Pilates, Mina joined MK Movement Co. as a certified Pilates instructor, aiming to deepen her expertise in both theory and practice. She leverages her professional knowledge and years of fitness experience to guide clients of all age groups, taking into account their unique physical abilities. With a positive drive and boundless energy, Mina leads her classes, ensuring her clients receive the utmost benefit from her extensive expertise and guidance.

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