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Min Lee

Founder, Pilates Instructor

Min's journey in the world of movement began during her childhood, where her fascination with the human body's capabilities led her to pursue a dance major in university. Her academic path continued with a master's degree, during which she actively participated in performances and choreography. However, the physical demands of her artistic endeavors sometimes led to overworked muscles, ankle injuries, and the risk of herniated discs.

In 2004, she discovered the importance of core training and became deeply engrossed in its principles. She even contributed to a workout video titled "Core in Body," collaborating with renowned actress Eun-Jung Han. Alongside her dance, yoga, Pilates, and personal training certifications, she gained extensive experience working with diverse clients in various settings, including private community centers, fitness centers, yoga studios, Pilates centers, and medical clinics.

Min's journey continued in 2010 when she relocated to Canada and obtained full certification in STOTT PILATES. Today, she proudly serves as the owner and founder of MK Movement, where she oversees the well-being of numerous clients and contributes to the Korean newspaper with her article series titled "The Right Body by MK," offering insights into exercise and health.

As the founder and choreographer of the dance team "Charm Dance Company" since 2016, Min continues to explore the beauty of movement through artistic performances with her fellow dancers. Her extensive knowledge of human anatomy is a cornerstone of her expertise, which reflects in the success of her clients' well-being.

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