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Sia Seo

Pilates Instructor

Sia was physically active growing up but her naturally frail body accounted for a lot of the injuries she suffered from participating in dynamic activities.


She developed chronic pain from her shoulder injury, and the escalating pain was not easily managed despite the consistent medical treatment she received. She was longing for more permanent recovery from physical rehabilitation and exercising rather than the temporary sparks of improvement she experienced from conventional medical assistance.  That was when Sia came across Pilates and experienced substantial improvement in her body and pain after going through the program tailored specifically to her physical conditions and abilities.


Based on her personal struggles with injuries combined with education, she became a certified instructor at MK Movement Co. to further propagate the pros of Pilates to the general public. Sia can promptly distinguish and analyze an individual’s or a group’s physical limitations and effectively resolve the issues while also drawing the potential out as well.

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