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Rachel Lee

Pilates Instructor

Rachel danced ballet and was always active in sports as she grew up. She turned to Pilates to manage chronic pain acquired from sporting injuries and regain her health. Practice of Pilates helped improve her posture, balance, core strength and even joint health, and made a big difference in her life. Her own experience inspired her to understand the fundamentals of Pilates in-depth, and led her onto the path of becoming a certified Pilates instructor. After that She participated in various workshops and courses administered by different institutions on topics such as scoliosis, BOSU, Knee pain, pelvis, and more in order to further her research on the physical body and development of exercise programs.

Rachel’s expertise and enthusiasm naturally influence her teaching methods as a Pilates instructor. Her approach is well rounded and emphasizes individual care and her classes focus on precise alignment cues, various modifications to support beginners and advanced clients. She is passionate about encouraging and motivating clients to help them achieve their goal and assisting them in cultivating their own empowering sustainable connection between the mind and body.

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