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Min Lee

Founder of MK studio / Pilates Instructor

Min is a certified core trainer and yoga instructor. She also has full certification for STOTT PILATES and as an EMS trainer.

Since she can remember, Min has been learning about how the body moves, so it was natural for her to pursue a career in that direction. As a child, she attended a certified institution that specialized in physical education and decided to proceed with a dance major for her university degree. After graduation she pursued a master’s degree and participated in numerous performances and choreographies. However, due to intense practice she often overworked her muscles—as a result, she experienced ankle injuries and risked getting a herniated disk in the neck. At this time, in 2004, she learned about the Core Training exercise program and began to further study the importance of core muscles. She took the opportunity to participate in the production of a workout video called “Core in Body,” presented by the Korean actress Eun-Jung Han. She was a member of the demonstration team for core training. Min then became a certified instructor in dance, yoga, Pilates, and personal training. With these qualifications, she worked with diverse clients at private community centres, fitness centres, yoga studios, Pilates centres, and medical clinics, and acquired hands-on experience and deepened her knowledge in the field.

After immigrating to Canada in 2010, Min acquired full certification for STOTT PILATES and currently is the owner and founder of MK Movement, where she oversees numerous clients’ health and well-being. She is also publishing series of articles, titled “The right body by MK,” concerning exercise and health in Korean newspapers.

She also founded the dance team “Charm Dance Company” in 2016 and, as choreographer, continues to express the beauty of movement with her fellow dancers. Her lifelong fitness experience and the knowledge she has acquired from teaching physical education and experiencing injuries and rehabilitation have fostered her passion for such various teaching experiences as personal training, Pilates, yoga, and choreography. Her expert knowledge of human anatomy is also evidenced in the success of her clients.

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