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Kelly Kim

Pilates Instructor

Kelly is internationally qualified as a certified rehabilitation Pilates instructor and has completed the course for Soft Tissue Mobilization Tool Techniques and Manual Therapy study. Additionally, she is certified by MK MOVEMENT CO. as a Pilates instructor.

Growing up, she always enjoyed active sports and intense exercises such as weight training and CrossFit, but as she got older she injured herself from daily movement patterns and naturally weak physical strength. In the effort to relieve her chronic back pain and train physical strength, she became interested in core-strength and rehabilitation, which naturally led to her learning about Pilates. Benefitting from the controlled movements that the continuous practice of Pilates promotes, she became aware of proper posture and body movements and eventually healed completely from her back injury.

Pilates’ emphasis on flexibility, breathing techniques, and abdominal control changed her life immensely. Kelly incorporates her own rehab experiences into her clients’ training methods. She designs classes for clients needing specialized care based on principles of anatomical physics. Many of her students have experienced improvement in pain attributed to injuries and imbalanced body. From the beginner to the advanced level, she motivates clients at all fitness levels to develop healthier bodies and happier mindsets.

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