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Ji Yeon Lee

Pilates Instructor

Ji Yeon majored dance in university and graduated as one of the top students before she proceeded to her master’s degree in physical education. After completing certification as yoga instructor, she acquired full certification in STOTT PILATES. She is also a certified Gyrotonic instructor.

Ever since she was little, Ji Yeon grew up planning to become a professional dancer. While doing Pilates, she became attracted to the sense of lengthening her muscles that the practice provided, which she found to be similar to dancing. She then became a certified Pilates instructor and is now utilizing her knowledge and experience of the fundamentals of body movements. She continued to pursue her passion for Pilates and also came to finish courses from STOTT PILATES, including: “Understanding Scoliosis,” “Fascial Movement,” “Bone Health and Osteoporosis,” and “Golf Conditioning.”


In order to train clients at all fitness levels, she incorporates both classic and modern training methodologies to deepen the awareness of health and body. Her inclusive approach to reconciling the differences between Classic and Modern methods allows her to stay focused on the fundamentals behind all methods of Pilates. She has developed her own unique training style to adapt to each student’s needs most effectively.

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