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MK Movement Facility


MK MOVEMENT CO. operates three studios and a gym area, where all of our clients are able to use the cardio machines with no additional fees. We have a separated space in the gym reserved for female members, for the comfort of those who prefer to exercise in a female-only area. The studio provides showering facilities, individual change rooms, and separated washrooms within the studio to use during workouts.

We provide ample parking and the location is close to Moody Station for those commuting by transit.


Main Centre – allocated for Pilates classes , EMS Training, Active Rehab, and Personal Training.


Education Centre – allocated for Pilates instructor training, workshops and seminars





Known for its safety and durability, we are furnished with a full set of STOTT PILATES equipment from Merrithew Health & Fitness and all of the complementary articles necessary to complete the workouts.

8 V2 Max Reformer

8 Cadillac With Vertical Frame

1 Full Cadillac

6 Chair With Handle

2 Ladder Barrel

4 Spine Corrector

4 Arc Barrel


etc., Cardio Trump, Jump Board,

Spine Alignment Pads, stability Cushion,

Foam Roller, Gym ball, Flex Band,

Fitness Circle, Stability Ball, Weight Ball.


Our EMS training programs use the award-winning XBODY equipment, which satisfies healthcare standards to ensure safe training. Among the different types of EMS equipment, wireless equipment was chosen because it alleviates movement restriction and permits class sizes ranging from private to 4 people.

The EMS suit and undergarments are designed for electric impulses to reach and stimulate muscles effectively. We have sizes available from XXS – XXL. In order to provide dynamic workout options, we have a pull-up station, Pilates circle, barre, TRX, dumbbells, weight ball, kettle bell, flex band, foam roller, and other equipment.

To maximize the exercise result, Pull up station, Pilates Circle, Barre, TRX, Dumbbells, Weight ball, Kettle bell, Flex Band, Foam Roller and other equipment's and props will be utilized in order to maximize the exercise result



Female exclusive GYM.

We provide access to a spacious area with varied fitness equipment so our clients can exercise in the ideal environment without the inconvenience of waiting for an apparatus or feeling over-crowded.

  • Power lifting platform fully equipped with Bumper plates

  • Kettle bells with all range of weights

  • Full set of dumbbells available both in rubber and metal up to 160 lbs.

  • Full-size ropes, BOSU, gym balls for core training, functional training

  • More than 15 cardiovascular training machines and equipment (Treadmill, Stationary exercise bikes, elliptical machine)

  • Weight training machines

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