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What is EMS?

MK EMS Training programs consist of three key components: muscle development, cardio & endurance, and massage relaxation. In order for the electric impulses to effectively reach the underlying muscles, specialized training suits are worn during the sessions and over 90% of all muscle mass is stimulated and contracted. A 20-minute training session consumes the equivalent in calories of a 2 and a half hour regular workout.

Great Solution
for Back Pain

The MK EMS Training program incorporates Pilates movements for a more effective and safer workout. By building strength in the muscle groups that support the back and by stimulating blood circulation, it induces repair in injured or worn out areas. MK EMS Training is a highly effective supplement for back pain therapeutics. It also improves range of motion, posture, scoliosis, slipped disk, and promotes recovery from post-surgery rehab. Reduced pain will simultaneously result in posture improvement and increased physical strength.

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Fast Results for the Era of “Efficiency”

With our fast-paced modern lifestyle, a lot of people cannot afford the time to exercise sufficiently. For example, many mothers find themselves not only short on time but experiencing weakened muscles and skin, weight change, urinary incontinence, and other physical conditions that make regular workouts unappealing. Whatever the reasons may be, saving time while also sufficiently working out is one the great advantages of EMS training. Two sessions per week at 20 minutes each (45 minutes including the time it takes to put on the suit and for relaxation massages after) for an average of 3-5 weeks is enough to cause visible change.

 Increase in physical strength, high consumption of calories, improved skin elasticity, and decrease in cellulite are just some of the benefits of EMS training, which allows you to tone and sculpt your body the way you want.

For all Age Groups, Gender, Physical

Our certified trainers will modify the frequency and the strength of the impulses on the EMS equipment based on the individual’s feedback and their actual physical states. MK’s EMS training team has experience with various clients between the age of 16 to 80 ranging from athletes, to clients focusing on improving their performances in specific sports, to people simply hoping to improve their fitness. We focus on training specific muscle groups in accordance with the client’s needs and therefore can help individuals achieve better results than conventional training can.

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