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Pilates Group Session


For anyone that would like to experience the available programs and classes, we offer trial sessions, and various learning environment options with the private, semi-private, group, and mat classes.

Trial Sessions (50mins/$50)

(Available for Pilates, EMS Training, Personal Training, Kinesiology sessions)

The trial lesson includes a tour around the studio, an introduction to the equipment, and a fitness level assessment with musculoskeletal posture and movement analysis. Clients will receive feedback on their physical imbalances, flexibility and physical strength level, and information on reoccurring issues attributed to past injuries. The instructor will discuss the client’s short and long term goals and exchange feedback on their results in order to build an individualized workout plan.

Private (1-on-1) 

(Available for Pilates, EMS Training, Personal Training, Kinesiology Sessions)

In order to achieve your goals most effectively, the training program is built according to your physical assessments and personalized goals. Private training is highly recommended for people in the process of post-injury rehabilitation, those with chronic conditions such as slipped disk and scoliosis vertebral body, and other orthopedic concerns.

Semi Private
Class (2 persons)

(Available for Pilates, EMS Training, Personal Training)

If you are better motivated with a partner, semi-private lessons have the benefit of both the instructor’s undivided attention and peer support. The studio can match you with an appropriate partner if you would like and the cost is more affordable than private lessons.

Group Classes
(3-4 persons) 

(Available for Pilates, EMS Training, Group Fitness Training)

After discussion with the instructor and after completing 1-3 private lessons, you can join group classes of up to 4 people depending on your physical ability. As long as you are not currently suffering from severe pain due to injuries or other orthopedic issues, you are welcome to join the small group classes. The most suitable exercise program will be recommended based on your fitness level, occupations, age, and life style.

Private Group Classes (3-6 persons)

(Available for Pilates)

If you would like the group to consist only of friends and family members, we will try our best to accommodate a class schedule with your group. Private group classes can support a maximum of 4 people in equipment-based classes with apparatus and a maximum of 6 in small-equipment classes.

Mat Class with Props (Max 6 persons)

(Available for Pilates)

Pilates is not an exercise where you are simply following teachers. The precise guidance of the professional instructor and your own control are the most important components of the exercises. Pilates group classes at MK Studio are limited to a maximum of 6 people so that teachers can accurately guide each person's movements.

 It is composed of various programs utilizing items such as foam roller, resistance band, circle, weight ball, and stability ball to help maintain proper posture and to encourage delicate muscle use. 

Regardless of level, anyone who comes to Pilates for the first time can participate.

Class Price List

Trial Class:

1 Trial : $50



Mat Class with Props (Max 6 Persons):

1 Session = $25

5 Session = $115

10 Session = $200


1 Session = $80

5 Sessions = $375

10 Sessions = $700


5 Sessions = $250

10 Sessions = $450

Group for 3 Persons:

5 Session = $200

10 Session = $350


Group for 4 Persons:

5 Session = $170

10 Session = $300

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