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Christin Park

Pilates Instructor

Christin grew up as a dancer specializing in contemporary dance and jazz dance, and is a STOTT PILATES instructor.

Christin grew up as a dancer specializing in contemporary, lyrical dance, jazz and hip-hop. She grew up dancing in musicals. She also was a competitive cheerleader.

Given these backgrounds that’s required her to use her body all her life, she has a high understanding of movement and have developed a keen eye to analyze the posture of the human body in detail, which she is now using to help clients develop their inner balance and self-control ability through Pilates. She’s pursued as a STOTT PILATES INSTRUCTOR after her motor vehicle accident back in 2017.

She found that Pilates helped with gaining her strength back. During the process of her rehab, she has developed a firm belief that mental and physical health are intrinsically intertwined. Christin is a huge advocate for movement and is passionate about the benefits Pilates has to offer. Her teaching is emphasized on bringing client’s self-awareness of their own body and to guide them to gain back their strength to feel their best.

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