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Big Mike

Personal Training / EMS Instructor

Growing up Michael always had a passion for sports as he played a variety of sports such as basketball and boxing. This gave him motivation to start working out.

He first gained interest in fitness when he was 18 years old. This interest quickly developed into a passion and since then he has been dedicated to studying and understanding the most effective way to train in order to increase muscle mass, strength, decrease body fat, and be functional.

He then decided to become a certified personal trainer through Info fit Personal Training School to help clients transform their body, mind and life while helping them become the best version of themselves.

Competing in powerlifting and winning titles helped him to become stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally and it is now time for him to help you to become stronger and better.

Finding an aspect of fitness that you thoroughly enjoy and look forward to is the key to long term success. Consistency breed progress, however, it's never easy. But in the end it is always worth the effort. As a personal trainer, nothing is more satisfying than seeing my clients progress and reaching their goals. Training with Michael, you can expect to see his approach to fitness emphasizes age - appropriate programming with a specific focus given to strength and conditioning training in combination with mobility and flexibility training.

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