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All the programs offered at MK Movement include options for Pilates, EMS Training, Kinesiology Active Rehab, and Personal Training, either in isolation or in tandem according to the client's choices and physical assessments. We conduct a thorough consultation to tailor the program to the client's needs and combine different elements from the various exercises when needed in order to effect the best results.


 “Movement” is the current trend in the fitness world. With our training, you will be able to experience Pilates on a different level—we occupy  a league of our own in this field thanks to years of expertise in teaching and practice.


MK EMS Training programs consist of three key components: muscle development, cardio & endurance, and massage relaxation. In order for the electric impulses to effectively reach the underlying muscles, specialized training suits are worn during the sessions and over 90% of all muscle mass is stimulated and contracted. A 20-minute training session consumes the equivalent in calories of a 2 and a half hour regular workout.

Personal Training

At MK Movement, our highly educated and experienced trainers will consider your individual needs and physical traits to customize a fitness plan that is just for you. We minimize the risk of injury with careful assessments and provide nutrition consultations and lifestyle guidelines for a fitness plan that will last a lifetime.

Active Rehab

The Active Rehab model consists of three stages which are Prevention,

Rehabilitation,and Exercising. By incorporating modern approach

in exercises while also practicing classical methodologies, the workouts are programmed to manage musculoskeletal injuries for more natural, healthier movements.

Postural Alignment

An unhealthy lifestyle and the accumulation of repeated behavioral patterns, such as work-related postural habits, can cause physical fatigue and an unbalanced body. We focus on strengthening the stabilizing muscles for proper spine alignment and, most importantly, on building the client’s awareness of correct postures and daily functions. 

Kids, Youth  

Considering the anticipated growth of each age group, we control the intensity and difficulty of the exercises as needed in order to encourage correct posture and strength building.

Post-pregnancy/Postpartum Care 

The workout programs will focus on relieving stress and recovering the strength of specific the muscle groups that are most impacted by pregnancy, including pelvic floor, lower back, and cervix, to achieve the same (or a healthier) physical state as that prior to pregnancy.

Athletes, Golfers, Dancers 

By focusing on strengthening the core muscles, our clients can improve many aspects of their overall athletic performance and reduce risk of injuries. Our program is designed to grow functional muscles that work with other muscle groups to promote optimal physical performance.


Pain management   

Spine-related illnesses, joint pain, post-surgery rehab, and aftereffects from accidents are prevalent in our society. We aim to relieve this discomfort by teaching clients how to activate the relevant muscle groups so that said muscle groups can perform their original functions. In this process, bone structure and joints are also aligned to function at their correct locations.

Enhance muscle/physical strength, weight management  

We build our program according to the individual’s strength and physical abilities to reduce risk of injury and focus on sculpting the body structure the client desires.


In general, males tend to lack flexibility more than females because of their different physical characteristics. Our instructors incorporate specialized stretching exercises to develop both bigger muscle groups and underlying muscles to improve overall flexibility and balance in the body.


Not only do we train muscles, but we also aim to enhance bone density so that our clients can preserve healthier bones. We also help to improve the sense of balance and body awareness to prevent falls.

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