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Active Rehab & Kinesiology




MK’s implementation of Active Rehab provides effective and meaningful ways to coordinate our physical movements. Practical application of Kinesiology is not only helpful for pre-existing injury rehabilitation but also for the prevention of future injuries and chronic conditions.


The Active Rehab model consists of three stages: Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Exercising. By incorporating a modern approach in exercises while also practicing classical methodologies, the workouts are programmed to manage musculoskeletal injuries for more natural, healthier movements.

All types of post-injury rehabilitation exercise programs are available, including the ICBC Claim related Active Rehab sessions. For any inquiries or more details, please contact the representative at 778-865-3298.

Full service for Active Rehab clients

We want to make it easy for you to get the treatment you need.
We bill ICBC directly and work with your healthcare team to create a treatment plan tailored to you.

You benefit from working with a kinesiologist at our facility receiving one-on-one care and support while you work towards building a healthier and stronger you.


Step 1: Book Your Consultation

  • Contact us below to schedule your consultation

  • In the consultation we will collect discuss your needs, collect any relevant info, and schedule your initial assessment

Step 2: Initial Assessment

  • 1.5 hour Initial Assessment

  • Communication with your health team

Step 3: Active Rehab 

  • Begins with 12sessions as approved by ICBC

  • 1 on 1 training in our private facility

Active Rehab & Kinesiology - We bill ICBC directly
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